The enigmatic universe

Beneath the sky so vast and deep,
Where stars their ancient secrets keep,
Lies a universe so grand and wide,
With mysteries that it tries to hide.

Galaxies dance in swirling light,
Turning slowly in the night,
Held by forces we can't see,
In a cosmic harmony.

Dark matter, hidden, strong and true,
Holds the stars in place for me and you,
An unseen force that shapes the night,
With a gentle, unseen might.

Black holes with their endless pull,
Swallowing stars until they're full,
Hiding secrets in their core,
Gateways to a world of lore.

Tiny particles, always in motion,
Dancing with an unseen notion,
In a world too small to see,
Where chance and fate play endlessly.

Nebulae, with colors bright,
Cradles of stars, giving light,
Birthplaces of wonders new,
In the cosmic night so blue.

Light from stars, both near and far,
Tells the tales of who we are,
A story written in the beams,
Of ancient cosmic dreams.

We look up with wonder and ask,
What is our role, our cosmic task?
In the quiet of the night,
We seek the truth, the guiding light.

The universe, in shadows and in glow,
Holds mysteries we'll always want to know,
A vast expanse, inviting us to see,
The wonders of our endless galaxy.

In the heart of space, our spirits soar,
Drawn to explore and to learn more,
For in the quest to understand,
We find what it means to be human, so grand.


© Irony here