A Young Woman, so Vulnerable
Sneaking up behind me
Grabbing me by the shoulder
Hard and long
Seeing I clearly was terrified
Why did you take so long to let go?
And why did you think it was ok to grab me in the first place?
Me a young woman
You an old man
You can't say this is your way of congratulating me
Since I don't know you
And I was too in shock to be able to tell you to stop
I only cowered away

You can't just say we're family Just because no one's left
As you drape your arm on my shoulder
We're not family
I don't know you,
You don't know me
The time you pushed me so hard I almost fell to the ground
Early in the morning what were you thinking?
Me a young woman
Getting close enough to unzip my jacket
How had I let you?
Happening so fast
No time to react
Me a young woman
So vulnerable
It makes me sick,
Sick to think
You rubbed his shoulders
And I'm sure that brought him back to when that women hurt him
You an old woman
Him a young man
So vulnerable,
So vulnerable it's never stopped making me sick
And the fact that all of you have families of your own
Young children
So vulnerable
So sickening
Its never stopped making me wanna puke all over you all

© BrokenStillBreaking

Sat, May 18th 10:10 PM 2024