A Smile A Memory
The memory of you brings a smile to my face
the moment we met the feeling I can’t erase
as time went on ur character creeped out revealing a person I didn’t recognize almost so unfamiliar it was like a disguise
but as time went on ur actions revealed that you
had shown me apart of you that was real
a part of you that existed before me a part of you that I did not know
that smile had turned into a frown now when I look at you I see someone else and when I look at you, why does my heart still melt? Am I stuck in a façade? Am I not seeing what I want to see do I believe what is shown to me or do I believe the words expressed the big question is was this my test a test to see if I was willing to not use my judgment to have a part of you lose a part of me in the process just to feel what I felt before, but will that leave me to soar high in those memories will that leave me to feel what I felt or will I be just as lost as before just ask confuse or this whole time have I been misused misled misguided to believe someone who does not exist because in reality you have shown me that this is who you are why can’t I believe why am I stuck with that 1st memory?

© TheMind Behind APrettyFace