Faithful Journey
I'm seated at the corner,
waiting the light to turn on sooner,
my buttoms is suffering, from the heat of waiting,

in silence, and patience,
have waited, to be rewarded, but as I dose up and awake, His vow I crave to take,

Years have passed, opportunities are closed, everything seems not working, life is getting boring,
Those who stands are making it, while I'm still on the seat,

Am I not worth to be blessed for waiting? Is this really not cheating?

I'm striving in life, to make sure I survive, I've been in the street always, to make sure I secure a place,

I've head over millions journey, to source for honey, the envy of the sun have bake me hoping I will be gone,

I've tasted countless bitterness,
hoping it will bring me happiness, my mind is set, for i know what I will get,

I've always make a move,
because i don't want to lose, the scar on my body, is here to prove, the diligent have made in the path I choose...

© Aniedi Victor David