I see people in sorrow with tears in their eyes,
but wonder the same tears where happiness resides;
The same eyes where hope resides or gets deprived,
Deprived when it collides to immerse thoughts
Where hope has had reside.

I saw a child in her eyes, happy enough to have sweets
in the festival of light.
How her heart was filled with love yet bias,
How awful would the moment be?
- “Joyful and delight. ”

I see a woman in her eyes,
With a brave heart and resilience to fight.
Yet to be known, when she will get eighty,
Now struggling hard in her early twenty's.

I see my mother in her eyes,
Then was a child and now having one with pride.
Having a world before her eyes,
Is this the cycle in insight?
The answer was - “Yes”,
world described.......

© zickmee