My Demon
Where were you?
When I needed you the most
He is trying to take over me
When I close my eyes, I can hear him
Whispers in my head
First it was like an addicting melody
That was continuing to be drugged
I can't resist it anymore
Even I push them away
He says he can help me
And how he can make me stronger
If I fought back
His whispers turn into yelling
It was like thousands of people telling me to let me in.... let me in
All I wanted to stay sane because you guys
If not, I no longer exist
When I tried to find warmth in your arms even for a little while
You pushed me away
I was devastated when you did that to me
He said we didn't need no one
All I had to do is accept him
But I knew he was telling me the truth
After all, he is my other side
The side I kept hidden for a long time
Then I gave in