The time has come for when
the heart flutters to the sound of it
the flowers dances to get a sniff of it
the clouds drizzles to let everyone drench in the beauty of it..
It holds an undescribable liking
an admirable upbeat
an exhilarated cheer
JUNE embraces all
with open arms
to feel the freshness in the face again
giving hope for new beginnings
and for the perfect rebounce
Though January is the opener
and the first month to kickstart
June embarks it's way to hearts
whispering welcome aloud
the real starter of the year...
JUNE will sweep you out from the bed
if you don't get up yourself
So hell out of your dreams
and play the adventures
Through ups and downs
Remind yourself that
you are both
calm and fierce
sun and moon
boon and bane
just like JUNE
the queen of months...

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