Girl of the Old and Strong
I saw her in her room
I felt her in her space
I heard her in her time
Gone the girl of the old and strong,
I sensed something is wrong
Was in a despicable state
And told me it's her fate,
Me being eager to ask
I knew 'twas a surmountable task.

To know the reason why
But no, she would rather fly,
Giving up was not an option
Instead, I gave her a proposition,
Rewire your brain
Let go of the pain,
Conquer your fear
Rise up and cheer!
She laughed at my speech
As if I was out of reach,
Told me she has already let go
But the healing process would be slow.
This made me astounded
Then why was she confounded,
And quite emotionally dumbfounded.

She calmly said it's in her blood
Which makes her crazy and dud,
I just couldn't tell her the truth
Loved her madly since her youth,
I sat next to her quietly
She looked at me wildly,
While leaning over to me
She said she owned weakness and glee,
Got me moved and animated
Her eyes winked and captivated,
Back is the girl of the old and strong
She took her guitar and sang me a song.

© Debojyoti Bhattacharya