oh he's a real cake eater
a flat tire, a real big cheater
looks as fresh as a basket of berries
fire breathing heart of an aries
waterproof as a wet blanket
your ship sailed in, but he just sank it
lolligagger with eyes like diamonds
dope swagger, he'll get you hooked without even trying
Master disaster, love ain't what he's after
money minded and intoxicated
gives you what you have anticipated
a crowd pleaser, he's a real heartthrob
for mr. showstopper
this is just a job
he gets high so he can get you off
sometimes the price you pay
won't wash off
shame on you for using him up
instead of being a helping hand
Just a a sick old fuck
monster in his bed
so when he waves his hand.. like a magic man
and disappears,
With your $$ and your pride
He's been doing it for years
it is mere a fraction of what he deserves
for selling out to you sick perves
paying for your perfect whore
he cashed you out before he hit me door