The thought of you
As I scream in despair, I find myself,
kissing the bottle instead of your lips,
torn between holding my head up high,
Or surrendering to the depths of the bottle's grip.

Addicted to trouble, it clings to my soul,
A constant companion, I can't escape,
Thoughts of you consume my every being,
A relentless torment, I can't evade.

Each passing day, the weight feels unbearable,
For I can't stop thinking about you,
You are the ache that lingers in my heart,
A cruel reminder of love I once knew.

In moments of weakness, I stumble and fall,
searching for solace in the darkest of places,
But all I see is your reflection in their faces,
A haunting reminder of what I can't replace.

I try to forget you, oh how I've tried,
But the truth remains, I can't fake it,
For every thought, every breath, every beat,
Is consumed by the relentless thought of you.
© jMaj161914