Me and who
To all those unrequited feelings
That yearning for one look
Whether it be that wedding look
or the yellow kurta
It is definitely not love at first sight
it's me staring at every sight
I am over the moon
Thinking about him
He makes every line of dandelions
Making me wish on dandelions
He is no moon and I am no star
He is in every lyric of heart felt songs
And I am that visualizer
He made me love every single flower
No ....I don't want him
I need him
He is the latest version of my thoughts
Never leaving my soul
I am a chaotic mess
He is an overjoyed butterfly
Dancing around me
He opposes the storms inside me
He is like that one stone
Swirling the standing river
But I hate it why is it
always I and him and
Not Us
Why does the gap widens
The chances of us meeting shrinks
and why am I always left
with his thoughts...

© intrepidwallflower