redheaded goddess
The redheaded goddess. The shades of blue ambiguity. The fiery eyes, that penetrate my true
Disguise. The look of beauty and symmetry that flow in succession. The soft dim eyes, that hide
In-between the quiet sky. The thought of her shy eyes dwells deeply in my psyche. Her stare
Of vulnerability and openness pounds my heart
In place of her true grace, that lives in her elegance. Thee eyes Aline in a distant time of love and true romance to find the place that subsists at the moment, of true devotion. The lips meet in a method of subtleness and bright light, that renders the heart ownership into blissfulness and frailty. The hand's touch from
Soft exposure that leads to the disclosure of true love. The spark of the existence of her beauty travels from the lips to the spine...the zenith eludes too her discovery of her beauty and magnificent. Her light travels side by side
With her opulence. The beauty of her stature
Guides my heart beside her.....intangled in her...
Always and eternal......my true redheaded goddess..........

© @David_vs_a_word