Day 1060 of 1095
Taking on new realities of life
As life has shaken this family to its core
We put our faith in God whom we adore
We embrace each other that much more
My dearest mom had 2 stokes
One I was witness to
My heart sank, that's for sure
But she has an incredible will to live
The strength she has to endure
Such a Traumatic experience
As our hearts dropped to the floor
We were left with only a swinging door
As they flew her bed down the corridor
We bowed our heads to pray once more
My Dad was amazing
A Marine to his core
They've both taken one to the chin
But getting back up is the encore
Here they stand with another win
Each still here for one another
Yes Life has taken some heavy swings
So where do we begin
to breathe again...Live again
Catch our breath, once again
Knowing when to say when
We leave it up to God's will
Can I get an Amen
As I ask Time and time again
There's so much more to overcome
But this is one uphill battle
we've already won
As life continues to unravel
We fight not to come undone
Life is a place we must travel
As we endure the struggles
We must find our way to HIS kingdom
As HIS will be done
This is a new reset on life
we have taken on
So overcoming such realities of life
Really brings us back to one
We are only human
While we are earthbound
We must open ourselves up
Embracing each day to come
Rediscovering all its beauty from
Blessings to freedoms
Oh how life can be so profound
I've had to die to learn how to live
Come to realize
Happiness is found
6 feet above ground
Yes I'm a fighter, pound for pound
For God is great, my true soul mate
I shall scream that message out loud
And here's to my parents
May they continue to live
outside of any shroud
in HIS light and LovVe
They've got so much still to give
Been learning from them since I was a kid
These are my realities
And this is what it means to live

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