Untold Feelings

There's something inside of me,
A pain I cannot set free.
It hides in my heart, never to show,
A feeling I dare not let go.

In the light of day, I wear a smile,
But my heart aches all the while.
I long to let these feelings out,
But I don't know what that's about.

Perhaps I'm afraid of what they may say,
Or I might scare the world away.
So I keep these feelings locked inside,
Hoping one day I can confide.

There's anger, hurt, and pain,
All bottled up, feeling insane.
I try to keep it all contained,
But my Untold Feelings are all that remains.

At night, tears stream down my face,
As I try to find my hiding place.
I long to be free, to live anew,
But I don't know what I should do.

My Untold Feelings burn inside,
As I try to find a place to hide.
But they consume me, weigh heavy on my soul,
Taking its toll, taking the very control.

I wish I could just let it out,
These feelings that I cannot doubt.
But I'm afraid of what might unfold,
And the story that might be told.

So I keep these feelings locked away,
Hoping I'll find the courage one day.
But until that day, I'll be holding on,
To my Untold Feelings, until they are gone.

© Jovan_love