Down the memory lane
I sprint and glide.
Passing by the chambers bright
Peeping at the sleeping child.

The little girl's smiles and shrills
Carefree crackles from the window sills,
The young lass lost in her dreamy stares,
Poems flowing from her coyish glance.
A lullaby hungs in the air around
Reminding of the love unbound.

I pass them by
Leaving a sigh
Satisfied, happy to have lived their lives.

They wave at me , I wave them back
Longing to stop and cherish the dreams.
But the walking stick pulls me up
One at a step ahead, ahead.

(Time sits to dine
And I for once resign)

Looking up the winter hills,
My heart with strong spirit fills,
My steps guide up
The yellow autumn path.
With stable moves , firm I climb
Towards fulfillment of a lifetime.