I woke up in her silk bed!💕💕
#poem #romance #love #chosen

In her red silk and lavender bed, she woke me up.
A place where dreams and reality collide.
With a gentle and loving embrace,
It was a moment captured in the solitude of love.

Her piercing eyes are like heavenly shooting stars.
A soft hand comforts me through the endless nights,
Her lips exude a sweet surrender.
She ignites the eternal flame of my heart.

Her warm presence keeps the time still.
Like iron filings on a magnet, her love binds me.
She dances to the melodic sound of her songs.
Sometimes, she is like a high-pitched orchestra playing on the moon.

She is a classic poem written in the stars.
A work of art that is etched into my heart.
Her alluring touch resembles a gentle, whispering breeze.
That easily stirs the depths of my soul.

Peace is sanctified by her sweet hugs.
Her bed is the only place where my restless heart is soothed.
Like morning sun rays, her smile is radiant with warmth and truth.
My world is brighter and more refreshing everyday.

I am but a troubled vessel on the sea,
Lost in her gaze, the eternal kitten of love.
Her presence is a source of solace and bliss for me.
I am unable to deny the profundity of this love.

Her passion is a meticulously hand woven tapestry.
The threads of passion that interweave without any tangles.
Her angelic face is mirrored in my soul.
A love that is true, eternal, and unrefined.

I snuggle in her soft bed, always thankful.
Our love is both pure and fateful.
I have found the missing piece with her.
She is a romantic lullaby that harmonizes my surroundings.

I will forever be part of her smitten love.
Our love journey is not a race, but a long winding road.
Together, we will explore life's grand design.
Eternity is truly mine, and I will not seek more.

© Mwebe Morgan