open word part #1
Take a journey in four corners of my mind,understand the plot that is at hand,crookit world crookit nation,everybody faces trails and tribulation,many of us back door our hopes a dreams.

love thy neighbor is the goal,lost jewels and gems invade street corners,Drity avenue filled with holy poetic scripture.

Why chase the world,
When you can crack open
The flower of life,
Three,six,nine the keys to life.

My silence is golden now
I feel the charged,I feel my responsibility,the heavy burden that makes it difficult for me to relax, responsibility becomes interconnected with god frequency,I smell, I see,I hear,i feel the potency, heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Mama forgive me for not being
The son to your sun,
Intense journey I call exodus
But still I smile,pulling enteral strength from within,overcoming
Material and physical obstacles,
Brush away from old me,reintroduce the world to the new me.

it hit different when the ocean talks,
It hit different when you understand the waves,
It different when you possess the power to speak an teach,
It hit different when wisdom shows you you’re not fit to be a slave,it different when you understand the power an wisdom contain within your crown,it hit different when you hear the enteral sound, it hit different when you are finally found.
© Mykel