The Great and Mighty Present
I’m only ever present in my head
My kingdom requires my attention
I’m sorry
I wear the crown
Ruler of two realms
I feed two wolves
And you’re always pissed
I don’t exist
In the present
But where else would I be found
But the middle
I’ve never given quarter to anyone else
Captive sovereign
Fighting myself
For myself
The territory between
Who I’ve been
And who I will be
I was born for war
Melee molded me
Bloody hands hold
Someone else’s softness
I hid my own long ago
Those who live by the sword
Are destined to cut their own throat
Swallowing their own sharp tongues
Let me die here on this battlefield
Under my own banners
Let the sun shine upon me
And let there be
Peace in this present
Let the past lie
Let the future
Focus on other things
Between blades of grass
Sweet cricket song
Clouds in blue sky
Broken light rainbows between the sun and my lashes
I see the present
And it is extraordinary

JLC, aka:fiercelittlefireheart

© fiercelittlefireheart aka JLC