To Be Amazed
190:2.6 And David did not long wait, for the fourth appearance of Jesus to mortal recognition occurred shortly before two o’clock in this very home of Martha and Mary, when he appeared visibly before his earthly family and their friends, twenty in all. The Master appeared in the open back door, saying: “Peace be upon you. Greetings to those once near me in the flesh and fellowship for my brothers and sisters in the kingdom of heaven. How could you doubt? Why have you lingered so long before choosing to follow the light of truth with a whole heart? Come, therefore, all of you into the fellowship of the Spirit of Truth in the Father’s kingdom.” As they began to recover from the first shock of their amazement and to move toward him as if to embrace him, he vanished from their sight.

To Be Amazed
A picture-perfect day again.
The temps are great, they bring out grins.
It’s good to be alive within.
A well springs up from where I’ve been.

Why is life alive today?
It’s energized in Godly ways.
God exists, He’s in control!
His work helps you achieve your goals.

We must see through the blocks ahead.
They block our view, but there we’re lead.
We must work to use our Faith
When difficult times in life, we face.

A working Faith helps us perform
Far above the standard norm.
We achieve when we have learned
How to love those we once spurned.

To spurn the love that’s offered you
Is certainly not the thing to do!
Accept all Love, figure it out.
Learn to love more, so you count.

Thinking helps before you act.
Don’t cloud your mind with a smokestack.
Clear minds give a clear appraisal.
A smoke-filled mind is bound for failure!

I give my thanks for God’s existence.
He makes our souls, gives them significance.
What God creates, He helps develop.
He loves us all, His love envelops.

Thank You, Father, for Your gifts.
I pray that all our Spirits lift.
I’ll lift my voice, and give You praise.
There’re many times, I’ve been amazed!
Paul Anderson

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