Love Is What It Is
What is Love,
Can someone explain?
Does it mean what they say
or did they change the name?

Love is a endless highway of misdirected means,
It walk along the lost and lonely street of desire.
Love lives in a world where nothing is as it seems,
It take pursuit of pleasure to the highest.

Love was a endless highway of passionate kindness
It walked as an alliance in the street of hope.
Love lived in a world where everything was righteous
It pursue for true joy to trust as a whole.

Love gotten taken for granted
when noone understood it,
so they change the definition
to better adapt to their surroundings.

Love is so much more than the world have name it
It show true peace, kindness, and understanding.
Love is meant to be more than just a basic meaning
it gives us the power to go beyond our teachings.
© TinkDream