L.O.V.E - A Vulnerable Breath
Love Isn’t A Job You Take Days Off From
    The Feeling Only Dies When The Reciprocation Stands Back And Hides
Love Appreciates Water
It Needs To Grow
You Willing To Risk Everything?
     Have Conversations That May Cause A Mood Swing?
      I’m Known To Settle The Storm
      Pick Up Pieces 
You Have To Be There Everyday, Plus Overtime On Weekends
Do You Believe In Love?
You’ll Never Be Forgotten In Someone’s Eyes
    Just Because We Have Hard Times, That Doesn’t Mean Goodbye

I Should Bring Out The Best Of You
Yet Be There For The Worse Of You
I Love It When You Smile Baby
   Hope Your Mental Been Good Lately 
It’s Ok To Be Vulnerable In Front Of Her
    Both Parties Need To Fill Cherishing 
Outside Influences Shouldn’t Have Either Of You Feeling Embarrassing 
      We In This Together?
Let’s Teach Each Other Genuine Love Language
     Study Each Other 
So The Love Is Second Nature
    Just Want You To Be Happy 
The Artist In Me
     Is A Glass Of Fresh Cold Water
        Them Myths From Your Past Were Just A Premature Starter
       Real Doesn’t Come Around Often As It Needs
   Your Soul ShouldOnly Be Hungry For What Honesty Feeds
     Am I Getting To Deep?
Walk Before You Jump I’m Not Asking You To Leap
    This A Never Ending Marathon It Gets Pretty Steep

          I Love You Sugar
   Thankful For Your Heart Because I Understood Her

© PapaChev