Illusions of Continuity: The Enigmatic Theatre:
Illusions of Continuity:
The Enigmatic Theatre :

An actor gave up everything
And started again.

An actress followed him, of course.
They started again.

So did the play and the game.
They started again.

They were very sure
Of what they were doing;
Starting again was
Just a game to them;
But every game that started
Was a different game.

Even though it looked exactly the same,
They were sure of it,
But the spectators were not sure.

They watched the game
This was a game.

They went away,
Never to return
To start again.
Games, like plays, are all different in life. Even if you play the same one over and over again, each time you play it is different. So don't pretend you haven't changed.

© UnsOzu