The Silent Vigil
Moon, why do you hide your face
in the cloak of night's obscurity?
Are my tears not weighty enough
to draw your gaze?
I stand beneath your silent witness,
cradling my solitude
like a fragile ember in the dark.
The stars, once my faithful companions,
have abandoned their posts,
leaving me adrift
in this vast expanse of emptiness.
Do they deem me unworthy
of their flickering light,
or have they too succumbed
to the allure of your absence?
I ache for your luminous presence,
yearning to lose myself
in the depths of your silent mysteries.
You, who have witnessed
the secrets of my soul,
are my only solace,
my silent confidante.
I long to bask in your glow once more,
to feel your gentle caress
upon my weary spirit.
For in your silent vigil,
I find refuge,
a fleeting moment of peace
amidst the chaos of existence.

© Inaya

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