"Destined Embrace: Echoes of Separation and the Poetry of Longing"
In destiny's script, our separation scribed,
A chilling realization, horrified,
Strangers now, as if we never knew,
Love's path led to the hurtful, the rue.

Missed the days, your care, a tender art,
Cuddles that spoke of safety, a cherished part,
Fights that ended in shared embrace,
Oh, how I miss you, each tender trace.

Why this distance, a heart-wrenching space?
Through trials of love, we find our solace misplaced,
Longing for an answer, a resounding "why?"
In the echoes of heartbreak, we yearn to fly.

Hugging desires denied, a silent plea,
Your presence a nervous symphony,
Eyes meeting, a mirror of shared pain,
Living like this, an enduring strain.

If meeting is not destined, let it be,
But in each other's arms, may our souls be free,
A journey to heaven or hell, side by side,
In destiny's embrace, together we'll abide.
© _gottaloveruhii