KISS 💋 to my HEART
Chocolate and sweet sounds like a treat, he could be a treat god sent to me. He is everything I asked for, including more. hunger no more, he is food to my soul. fulling me up with many special treats to eat , like love when he kisses me, compassion when he understands me completely., sexy when he winks and positive energy, lively he thinks. god made him just for me. He's my husband to be. This man listens to me, loving me genuinelally. I was sick he catered to me, watched over me protectively. He warms my soul correctly. Nightmares comes along, he's by myside seeing what's wrong. Comforting me, holding me tightly, reading the word, praying with me, now im able to calmly sleep. He truly holds the key to my heart whole heartily. God read my list and kissed my heart with a charming guy, who's life is now mine. sharing a connection deep inside, no doubt comes to mind. I know it's meant to be, he's the key, the KISS to my heart god gave me.
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