Those sweet memories of childhood and YearEndEchoes It is impossible to call both of them back, whether they are with friends, some sweet and some bitter memories, the habit of eating from the same plate,

the habit of breaking the glass of the neighbor's house with words. I remember very well the hot tea of ​​neighbor Sheela aunty and on the other hand the hot samosas of Rafiq uncle.

We don't meet anymore, those friends who always stay together don't meet anymore Those memories are still with me like an echo Whenever I remember the past year, only some sweet and some bitter memories remain.

The echo of the year somehow comes alive in the new year But I can't relive those beautiful years and their beautiful memories.

I wish there was an option of Control Z in life like any computer so that we can live I wish we could bring back that beautiful life that was spent in more years. really i that YearEndEchoes was very beautiful

wish you a very happy became new year to all
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