Love In The Dark
Baby we've been through a lot
You turned your back on heaven just for me
I ran to hell and back to hear your heartbeat
When the dread came rushing in, meaning to end us
When the winds swept through our castle
Ripping root from stem and blood from blood
My love, your love. Our love was never in question
Even as the skies refuse to share their beauty and
The sun shuns us as though we were Sin
The very earth itself grumbling and twisting
Spewing red hot blood, scarring and burning it's beauty
In the face of our affection, disgusted by our devotion
Baby I will love you in the dark because I know,
I'll still see the sunrise in your eyes and it's setting in your smile
And I'll plant my seeds of love and watch them bloom in your heart
I'll be the moon to our darkened world, and we'll love in the moonlit Dark

© Ayabonga.Xulu