Freedom in Christ
Freedom cannot be had in the World,
it gets taken away every time we have something to Gain.

If you have, you will be given more,
if you don't have, what you do will be taken away.

Pretty heavy and mysterious Words,
the Son of God has many.

Freedom is found in Christ.

In his Life. In his Teachings. In his Faith.
In his Sacrifice.

There is no other name underneath Heaven in which we can be Saved,
And he who has overcome the World along with all its Pride and Lusts and Vanities and Volitions,
he who became Sin for Us to be pulled from its clutches of Death and Hades.

He who is least and yet the greatest.
The Author of Life.

He is Freedom, a safe refuge, our Lord and Savior, the Prince of Peace.

He also said that those who would save their lives will lose them, but those who would give up their lives for his sake will find them.

He said deny your self, pick up your cross and follow Me.

Turn from Pride and Lust and Greed. Realize your utter Depravity and Spiritual Poverty. Confess your Sins to Him and he is Just to Cleanse You of All Unrighteousness.

And he will give you Perfect Peace.

By Grace, through Faith; we are Saved.

If you believe you have never Sinned then take a look into the Law of God and have a look.

You will read a lot that hurts, a lot that angers you, makes you feel horrible, makes you feel hurt.

You will eventually start to consider the warnings and consequences it provides in books like Proverbs and the Futility of all Human Volition in Ecclesiastes.

You'll start to Love and Hate many characters as the traits of their actions and the dire warnings and consequences are placed before you.

Eventually you'll come to Christ. It'll be utterly confusing and difficult to understand but after about 20 times reading through the Gospels I decided to start obeying his Commands from the Sermon on the Mount and my entire Life just changed and continues to keep changing as I see that by Grace through Faith is a real and true way of Life.

I just have to learn to Obey to Believe, and often vice versa.

Still doesn't make much sense. But I feel Freedom. Peace. Joy without Grief, which I thought would never leave or let me feel what smiling is supposed to feel like again.