A Grandmother's Tale
Grandma said the morning sun
drew signs of joy and grace
And full moons meant that evil
lurked around with human taste.

The clouds were giant balls of snow
For gods to toss around
If rain began to shower
Then we couldn't make a sound.

She'd say the stars were angels
And they'd watch us as we'd drift
But if our eyes weren't closed at nine
The devil would have a fit.

And birds would turn to dragons
Whenever midnight woke
The trees would walk the streets
While all their leaves began to float.

She'd tease and tease and tell the myths
Til' others believed them too
I do admit, with grandma's tricks
All fibs she'd told seemed true.

But now we've grown and understand
Her pokes were just for fun
Grandma gave us adventures
We could share with everyone.

See, Grandma's getting weaker now
The doctors say she's sick
So we let her tell her tales away
And dare not contradict.

© Writer_At_Heart