Phenomenal Women
She is inspirational, so heavenly; the Gods of earth Leketh the view being seen. I have been blessed to see the most beautiful thing to me. One day, we can be, although it could only be a thought in me. I am not good with pretending, I hear your heart, it sounds empty. Let me fill it up with an upbeat type of feel. See my rib, and I am the backbone, see I'm the seed and you are the tree. Without you there is No Me. Prior to you, I was blue, left without a clue, blew? I have never known a woman to be so as you, but so true. I will make it through, just do not know what to do. Should I obtain another boo? Naw, that will not regain what Love is left inside you. What is left to do? Nothing but find out the true you.