The only thing I needed
You can‘t hear
What my heart tells me each day
How it crushes my spirit
And sets those cursed words on replay

You can‘t know
How harsh I’m being with myself
How much self-hate I harbor
Behind the smiles I share with everyone else

You can’t feel
The misery that embraces my mind
Or the coldness it spreads
With the toxic emptiness it leaves behind

You can’t see
How deep it hurts when I try to explain
Only to hear belittlement
Or some lack of acceptance again and again

And you can’t help
If you won’t acknowledge my truth
If you stand by the opinion
That my problems are nothing worth to sooth

Yet you don‘t understand
That you don’t need to feel everything I feel
And that the only thing I needed
Was for you to listen and deem my pain as real…

© BellaWritingHere