"no more will I have a Xroad to take, for I will be going straight,
to be there in a perfect ♾️,
I stay narrow to find the gate,
surely not to be too late,
enter into beautiful fate,
leaving behind the door all and any hate,
for heaven's hidden galores is what I chase,
knowing that life is no race,
but then there is another case,
and evil is it's face,
they move at steady fast pace,
getting everyone alive to play,
a bad game they say,
where in any slip you must pay,
never given direction or choice,
they don't even know their own voice,
evil schemas and twisted plots they hold,
they freeze life and make it cold,
living together in frozen time,
a battle now at war with mine,
where angels fall from places tall,
and face demons now in this earthball,
all things fair in love and war,
but you never do know who your letting in that door,
and once those walls come down,
well now a heart of one stays bound,
it's easy for evil to look good,
but for angels to show evil one never could,
so be careful of who your teammates are,
who seems close to you may in heart be far."
© 13