In pursuit of perfection, I tirelessly strive,
But the more I reach out, the more it seems to hide.
Like a distant star, forever out of reach,
I chase its elusive glow, longing to breach.

I mold myself, seeking flawlessness in every way,
But perfection's mirage dances, just out of sway.
Each step forward, a reminder of my human grace,
Imperfections woven into life's intricate embrace.

Yet in this quest, I find a truth profound,
Perfection's illusion, a weight to unbound.
For in our flaws, beauty truly resides,
A feeling of uniqueness, where our spirit abides.

So let us embrace our quirks and our scars,
For they make us who we are, like shining stars.
In imperfection's embrace, we find our true worth,
A masterpiece of life, imperfectly perfect since birth.
© Rink