RAMA— The Seventh Avatar of Vishnu!
( Reproducing an old composition on the occasion of Rama Navami)

Just as the rain started to fall,
Forces of good and evil instantly clashed,
In circles and in twirls that darkens all,
Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed,
To the ground, all the buildings and hopes dashed!

Righteousness decreased and the unrighteous increased,
As the good and innocent massacred,
The Yajnas* and temples desecrated,
The saints and sages humiliated,
The women were dishonoured and disrobed!

The brutalities of the Rakshasas**, the evil powers were dominant and all time high,
No one was there to extend solace and to put a stop to grief and cry!

Having seen the brutality, bloodshed and killing(s),
In deep pain, the Dharti Mata*** was wailing,
Finding no other way out and to seek the mercy,
The saints and sages evoked the Gods and the trinity****,
Performed prayers to bless the mankind and have pity!

Answering the prayers of saints and sages,
Lord Vishnu assumed an earthly form,
To defeat the wicked, to protect his devotees and to save the humanity badly torn,
According to Vedas and Puranas,
That is why—
Lord Rama, the Crown prince of Ayodhya took birth,
Rama, the seventh Avatar of Vishnu****was born!!

Explanation as per Hindu Mythology—

Yajna*: Sacred fire for worship
Rakshasa**: Demons and devil
Dharti Mata***: Mother Earth (Goddess)
Trinity****: Trinity God's (Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer)

—Vijay Kumar—
© Truly Chambyal