Save us
God save America
North and South America
I know you're saying yeah I'm hearing ya
The world keeps saying we have no morals and love material stuff like Gucci and Prada.
Living life large with no grata.
Some of the youth growing up with no Dada.
God I'm pleading, help us. You gotta.
Plus Im doing everything true, yet they want to hit me up with the shotta.
I'm pleading on behalf of the new west.
Even though the acting like the old with no morals or proper quest.
Instant gratification? That's an issue? Is this a test?
I give everyone I meet proper etic and proper manners. Nothing less.
Too many great characters get spawned from here. Only the best.
What is it we need to do. I'll try my best.
I'll pass the message on and not do things based on an educated guess.
Everyone is looking at the bottom of rainbows for that treasure chest.
I know the way we've been living, i know you detest.
If you show us the way and ask will we take it? The answer is yes.
Right now, my life is a mess.
Talk with me over a game of chess.
They keep throwing shit at me after I showered with zest.
So what do you think about that.
I heard someone almost pelted you with scat.
I heard you sell drugs and that you're a rat.
And wanting to hit your family with a bat??
Common Veeg, You? Pulling out gats?
Why aren't you eating right. You know you're getting fat.
I looked at him and spat.
OK enough of that
Wow not even a pat
Should I go tit for tat
I better not go there
I just said, why is everything so unfair?
Some have everything, and some have nothing to wear.
A small number has so much and they don't care
to share
Idealist I know and I should beware.
I don't understand and the thought has me pulling out my hair.
I guess there isn't much I can do, so I'll sit I'm my chair
and observe and stare.
I'll keep dreaming and trying for I always picked dare when playing truth and dare.

© venkatjamespersaud