Fear of the Lord
The Good I want to do is intrinsically linked in the Evil I think I know.

If it's in Me, I can root it out by confessing it all to Christ.

If it's in another, I must confess that all I can do is consider what I'm seeing or hearing very carefully and if it is truly Evil then not responding in celebration or resistance or retaliation, but rather with some sort of Gentle Truth.

Words salted by Grace.

They're all in Christ. And when we abide by his Teachings and in his Love, there is something unexplainable that happens that is beyond my own understanding of Good and Evil.

All I know is when I Judge another's Evil, I'm Arrogantly assuming my own somehow diminishes.

Another's Lust I tend to dismiss, ignore and/or avoid.

Another's Pride I try not to flatter or diminish. I just do my best not to compare it to mine.
I attempt to make a stand to be impartially selfless. To be honorable and honest, even when something foolish or dishonorable is highly regarded or desired.

I consider all Human Volition to be Vain, including my own.

But I also understand the struggle against fighting the Flesh is not being had unless we are convicted of Sin and informed about the Gracious Truths of Glory, Honor and Immortality that come with a Faith in Christ being the gifter of a Salvation to lift us out of Sinful and Shame and Condemnation and the Holy Spirit which can convict Us but also set us Free from Grief and the Fear of Man and Death.

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of all Wisdom and Understanding.