bend to you
no kin to you
but still first on my list
I'd always bend to you
even though this relations
at its inflation
id go for rotations
that wouldn't offend for you
but now it's first come first serve
when I'm under this tension
I won't retire the liar
until I feel this pension
no dollars I ain't getting
not making no sense
I'm bout ready to switch sides
vote Trump/Pence
up in this
no commonalities
too many chiefs and principals
no principalities
what your nationality be
what be your gender
I'm blind yes ma'am
but if I open my eyes and say yes man hope it don't offend ya
cause clearly I wasn't born
with no deer horn
I'm hollering at ya
but you don't hear me
so how am I reliable for the damaged fender when it didn't bend me
did bend you
only your wallet
work a few weeks and solve it
let's just be grateful
to wake another day
to take on a break through
I'm broke but I'll wait on you friend
show you I'm still your friend til the end