I Dreamt I Was A Butterfly (inspired by the Asher Quinn instrumental of the same name)
I Dreamt I was A Butterfly
Soaring skyward, fluttering effortlessly with the grace of an angel, hitching a ride on unseen thermal currents .

The warm summer breeze, whafting the sweet aroma of nectar still to be gathered, I'm dancing amongst the intoxicating flower heads
nimbley prancing and pirouetting like a ballerina .

My powder coated wings, a symphony of vividly coloured creativeness
never sleeping, only resting with wings folded as in prayer,
quietly sheltering from my predators.

Living life one day at a time,
my short life span , inevitably drawing to a close,
soon to soar & flutter no more.

My legacy , my offspring already laid by me, waiting to hatch & complete their metamorphic life cycle just as I did!
dawn is now here, time to emerge from my dream state slumber.

My dreaming state, often preferable to my woken reality.