🦄The Many Folds of Friendship—⁠☆

Vibrations Of Kindness~⁠(⁠つ⁠ˆ⁠Д⁠ˆ⁠)⁠つ⁠。⁠☆

Presenting To All The Faithful Readers 🎉🤗🦄
The Philosopher Michael😇🫂💞🍄
The Compassionate Sapphire!

(Soliloquy 💗😖 Good are those people in the world, Are useful who to the others🖤🌺 _ Alama Iqbal💘🥺 )

In the Darkest of Times when the World feels Heavy💫,
We need a helping hand to help with the weighted Levy😇,
Where do we turn to who can we ask to help us Stand🌻,
Who will not judge us but instead that will Understand💞🤗!

We are all Humans with our own Emotions and Feelings🌼,
Every Heart needs a person to Love it and Pray for Healings💛,
In a Place of Darkness with the Devil Snatches Souls in the midst of Night🖤,
We search for that Heavenly Angel who will be beside us to Guide us to that Perfect Light❤️‍🔥🤞🏻!

And whether male or female it matter not to US🥰
As long as that person is Pure and their Charitable Cause is Just💕🫂!

In life's grand ballad, Kindness waltzes in with a tender glow,
A friend so dear, it paints the world with a radiant flow. 🌟💖
Personified grace, it whispers in the wind's soft caress,
Embracing souls with warmth, a melody of gentleness. 🎶💕

Like a sunbeam's touch, it brightens even the darkest night,
In each act of compassion, its symphony takes flight. 🌈🎵
Kindness, the silent hero, in every gesture, every smile,
Stitching broken hearts together, going that extra mile. 💓✨

So let's be vessels of light, spreading kindness far and wide,
For in its gentle vibrations, true beauty does reside. 🌺💫

Starter credits and topic credits_ @I_Am_Michael
Ending credits and styling credits_ @Shirin478

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