i fell inlove with a stranger at the bus stop today
well I didn’t exactly fall,
I stood still
bedazzled, star strucked unable to take a step
like a time traveler fronzen in time
mesmerized by the sight of him,
he looked like the type of men every writer wrote about
a sparkly brown eyes, a dazzling eye catching smile
causing I, lost in sight of him
like a traveler gazing at a breathtaking sunset, in awe.
my heart became a fragile butterfly, fluttering and tweaking rapidly skipping a beat like a palpitation.
i saw heaven without dying
I felt Divine with trying
his presence felt like a symphony
echoed through my soul
causing a twirl on my feet,
I felt like a child about to taste a new flavour of candy
that feeling you get on Christmas Eve, unraveling the present from your great aunt who lives at the other end of the country.
or getting your first letter, from a pen friend
that feeling……. that tingling feeling.
Well I never said a word to him
A stranger he remained.

© Drunken2004