Sometimes it's important
To say" SORRY",
For protecting a bond.
To see face smiling
Without waiting too long.

Everytime it's important to
TO make a going person

If you think why you,
Think about what
they go through,
Being bigg is not always best...
Sometimes small are greatest..

Ego makes you think you are great,
Makes and takes, eternity of wait..
2 hearts longing to talk,
Mind has no right to walk apart.

Time is what it takes to realise,
Ego is the greatest mistake,,,
Egoist are the most troubled,
Egoist fears the world most.

Saying sorry the egoistic can't,
Thinking equal the egoistic can't,
All they think is they are great,
The world knows they just afraid..

Don't let your love fly away,
Say sorry to them make them stay,
Hold their hands walk to eternity,

Or just few minutes just walk with them..... ❤️

© ak_writes