Burning Fury
In the depths of my despair fury rages
A tempest of emotions unleashed in stages.
Anger courses through my veins burning bright
Fueling the fire consuming the night.

My heart beats with a rhythm of resentment
An inferno ignited its flames unrelenting.
Every breath I take is tainted with ire
Bitterness devouring my soul fueling the fire.

My fists clenched tight ready to strike
Words poised on my tongue sharp as a spike.
An avalanche of rage cascading from within
An eruption of wrath I can no longer rein in.

I scream at the heavens my voice a thunderous roar
Unleashing years of agony bitter to the core.
Each syllable laced with venom drenched in spite
My anger unleashed ruthless as the night.

Bitter tears cascade down these weary cheeks
As I navigate the treacherous path that chaos seeks.
A storm of resentment leaving devastation in its wake
An emotional hurricane with no respite no break.

The world may tremble under this wrath I unleash
My anguish transformed into a torrent fierce and ceaseless.
In this moment of madness I find solace in the pain
As anger consumes my being setting my soul aflame.

But as the fury subsides and the embers fade away
Regret surfaces revealing the price I must pay.
For in this storm of anger I've lost parts of myself
Torn asunder by a tempest that feeds off of stealth.

So as I stand amidst the wreckage I wrought
I reclaim my strength my anger I've sought.
For in this chaos amidst the ashes I rise
Reforged by fury with newfound resolve in my eyes.

No longer consumed by the flames that once burned bright
I forge ahead guided by an inner light.
Harnessing the lessons learned from my ire
Transforming anger into fuel for inner fire.

For anger when channeled with purpose profound
Can be a catalyst for change a force unbound.
So I rise from the ashes with fury in tow
Determined to conquer the world to let my anger show.

© Infinite Wanderer