The Hell Planet Rid Earth Returns As Heaven Descends
The cult is gone, Battled in courts, No more, Hell created upon Earth is over, Now the Transition to earth, And as predicted Heaven descends, As God and Goddess did say, In Revelation book, For witches today, And wizards, do not forget us, We bring all power today, For a better world, Men and women bring together, Love is ours, But when? Now you will find here upon Earth, The most loving and accepting men ever known, In a horror world, Not bad, hey? Pat on the back for men today, And the New Jerusalem descends as heaven, Like a bride preparing herself for the groom, He is ready, Led well and disciplined, The brides prepare themselves, For man is the Lamb, And woman The Brides of The Lamb, Gone will be Babylon The Great Mother Of All Prostitutes, Womens leader, Banished to the abyss, Gone Forever, The peace time is here, Transition, where we are, Bring us forward, Happiness will be ours, In God And Goddess name. God And The Goddess Are Our And True. James.
© James Alexander