Beyond the Darkness
The night has fallen, and darkness reigns,
But fear not, for the sun shall rise again.

In this world of struggles and strife,
We often forget the beauty of life.

We let our fears and doubts take hold,
And forget that we are strong and bold.

But in every heart, there is a light,
That shines through even the darkest night.

It is the light of hope and faith,
That guides us through the thickest of fate.

So let us not lose heart or despair,
For we are stronger than we are aware.

Let us rise up and face the day,
And chase the darkness away.

For beyond the darkness lies a world of light,
Where dreams are made and souls take flight.

So let us embrace the dawn with open arms,
And rise up to meet life's many charms.
© Avinash David