Harder Than It Seems
We gotta get through this
No matter how hard
Showering myself with sweet bliss
It works but I'm not okay
These hardships just aren't working
We need another plan
The big show must go on
How can it go on?

They say "just work harder, you'll survive"
Well let me tell ya it's easier said than done
Knowing I am the chosen one
Someone tell me how am I supposed to thrive?
And the world doesn't know that it's harder than it seems

We gotta get through this
Seems like a planned out war
Tryna feel myself right
That's just clearly impossible
Tryna be myself but sometimes I don't think it's just not good enough
Tryna act normal can be pretty tough

Pulling forward then back again
Starting to change and coming back to where I've always been
The curving road my life is taking
Can't stop my heart from easily breaking
Hell, I'm beautifully broken
Proud of who I am as a person
They've got nothing on me now
As the lights begin to beam
Seriously, it's harder than it seems
© Rosie