Single Rocks the Jingle
Looks like everybody's breaking up
Went cold in wintry December seems true
Upon relationship having no exact label
This proves sweetness as impermanent
Short-term moments, what an awful ephemeral.

You may lasted for a year or decade
I assure that single rocks the jingle
Strong, independent invulnerable from ties and knots
True friendship, an everlasting love
Separated by fate to make, but now

Here I am, single caroling alone
There's no one else to hold onto
Missing a foreboding folly down
The blazing aisle rife by wild dogs
Ought to play, catch the lone wolf

Isn't quite hilarious as you've thrilled
Fleeing as you can't feel your dying feet
Running and screaming for your lives
Laughing at the corner of the streets
Approaching upon a church for mass

Where are you know my besties?
Let's talk about ourselves and then
Afterwards we eat together alongside
The vendors stall buying fish cakes, halo halo & Maja puddings
Sparsed where blinded up ambient lights

Holidays reconcile us from families
Friends bond for eternity healthy even if
Nemesis ceases each feud let affection
Rise in holy festive occasion this season
The joy, appreciation and thanksgiving

May the celebration benign triumphant
Singing an acapella encore in harmony
Choir as jolly in the midnight gospel
Whether you're single or doppelganger
Gratify just for once in your lifetime

Instead of turning the tables edibles full
Dating yourself accept the facts, sort of
Amazing, bravo, cool so fortunate it is
Fun to realized love comes when you're
Ready and susceptible for everything.

© All rights reserved to Bryan Jay Lumabas