Limz Poetry
I've attempted to see better days. Like a patient, I am waiting to be as clear as the water in the river. I shiver, waiting gracefully to eat Christmas dinner.

The deception this world tells you: one minute you're in the clouds with idols, the next minute you're back in the rat race, anticipating whether it's affordable to take a bath or put on the heater.

Life is a dark place when your options are limited, like the hours in the day. If we had more, they would make us work more for less pay. Oh, that is reality after I wake up from the emerging dream.

A stranger looks at me with a smile from heaven and says, "Limz, your tattoo says 'Never stop dreaming since we are all human.'"

The food bank's special today is chicken dinner.
"Today I am a winner."

"Hey stranger, what's your name?"

"Limz, don't you remember? I am your Godmother."
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