Fent finished February
You withhold your affection
And that's when the accusations were made
I didn't know what you were doing
but I know you weren't the same
There was something different
Whether it be drugs or girl's name
You couldn't admit your faults
so I took all the blame
I feel just like a child
But you're more than a skinned knee
The things that you hate
Are the things that remind you of me
you'll tell everybody.
and find anybody to believe
That you are something better
you were never in love with me
Now I'm going to bed alone in the dark
I reach out and touch my dogs
I don't know where you are
its something I got to get used to
I went to the moon and the stars
Uou promised me forever but
didn't get us very far
You are you going to miss me
When you realize what you had
you look back and see the truth
and realize you made us bad
You furthered my addictions
You tore me down when you were mad
You took everything you wanted
Even if it wasn't up for grabs
Now I feel completely empty
It's like something didn't come back
Maybe I should have stayed dead
Because that's all the story I had
That's all the world had left for me
no wonder I was sad
Someone with one day of happiness
Had plenty of reasons to brag
Now I have no purpose
I'm just bouncing in the light
I try to reach out for help
but everybody thinks I'm all right
They don't really care
They just don't want to get up and fight
I want to kill myself but nobody's dying here tonight
Was that maybe what I wanted and I don't have any luck
I was terrible a person and the world treats me as such
I want to walk away
I don't know why I care so much
She is everybody's attention and I don't give a f***
Now I'm living with the murderer
Why isn't he killing me
My anxiety is crushing and I can barely breathe
Overdose it kills me
but then I'm back up on my knees
please will someone kill me
I'm begging anybody please