A Poet's Last Dance III
To my Dear Friend, Jonathan

I went to the ocean floor
To search for my friend of yore
I rowed, rowed until I soar
The great vast ocean, I explore

I swan the ocean until my body sore
I need to find him, the friend I adore
Perhaps I will never see him anymore
Goodbye my friend of yore

I want vengeance, justice, and blood for my friend
For those who gave him his untimely end
His dear letters, I held
I will avenge you my brother, I declared

I went to the land of Moore
To find Governor Baldur
Is this really the land of Moore
Just a fucking run down shore

Where are the stores of trinkets, knickknacks, and items galore
Where are the lively people, markets, and houses with grandeur decor
Perhaps I shall explore
Off I go to find my friend's store

While traveling in the land of Moore
I found my friend's old store
This place looks a bit obscure
I hear the sound of a opening door

It is the old entrepreneur
The one who taught my friend of yore
I avoided his chiding stare
And took great gulps of salt sea air

Good Day, Mr. Johnson
I have been expecting you
Come along, I'll show you the Moorean view
I'll tell you how much he grew

He led me to some great balloon, he took me abored
Although he touched no gauge or board
The craft set off its own accord
In the land of Moore, we soared

We are out over the water
I'm surprised this makeshift craft didn't stagger
As the ocean wind goes through my hair
What was he to you, he asked. I'd stare

A friend and brother, I told the old man
As we admire the setting sun
We talked about my friend of yore
About how he conquered the land of Moore

I asked the old man, what happen in the land of Moore
What happen to my friend's store
What happen to it's bustling shore
What happen to it's lively people, markets and houses of grandeur decor

He answered, it is the doing of the new Governor
He left the land of Moore uncared for
He only cared about his own desire
That's why you saw the land of Moore dire

He throws parties every night
To show every noble his might
While the people of Moore suffer and fight
He indulges in his delight

I said, I plan to take revenge
Will you going me, my old friend
He said, Oh but I am old and frail
Besides, I will be dead weight and that'll just make you fail

If help it is you need
Here is the key to the store
You can find there items that will help your chore
Goodluck avenging your friend of yore

He took me back to shore
I said goodbye to the old man of Moore
He tipped his hat and to the sky he soared
I went to the store

In the store I found a suit to wear
I found an old watch with gems so rare
Some shiny wax to fix my hair
Items to make the women stare

I went to the Governor's masquerade
Ready to do my crusade
I did not expect a security of one brigade
So, In the ballroom I stayed

I saw this woman, brunette with her hair all braid
I asked her to dance, in the ballroom we played
I grab her hand and head she laid
We swayed to the music as if it obeyed

We danced till the night run its course
Until I noticed the brigade's dwindling force
I bid my goobye to the maiden so fair
The scent of her perfume still on the air

Tip toe I went to the Governor's lair
I entered his room, on the great pig I stare
I grabbed a pillow for his scream to bear
His neck I slit with tender care

I have finished my chore
The Governor's men approach the door
I escape on the window with the sheets I tore
I ran, I ran, away from the land of Moore

Oh dear friend I wish you were here
To see all my tears
I miss you my friend of yore
You are the only one I adore

My friend this is my last
No more looking to my past
Endless peril await
Just a smile to my uncertain fate

Your Dear Friend,
Sebastian Regan Johnson