Mistake Again
Reminiscing of thoughts
that you have a tendency to dwell,
Thinking of impossible fleets to fulfill,

Thinking of her will only get you nowhere,
Why do you choose to be blind?
And pretend that she cares?

That pretty little rich girl
will never want a boy like you,
You haven’t that much money
but your impending love is true.

Anything she does including everything she says,
Doesn't mean you know her
for who she really is.

And just because she tells you
and alludes for you to call,
It doesn't mean she feels
the same way towards you at all.

Look at all the guys
going after this teenage anthem,
Do you actually think you have a chance
of her picking you at random?

You made this mistake once before,
I hope you don’t again,
You must not fall in love with her
for fear you might give in.

Try not to let your feelings develop
for this person who is your friend,
And please don’t disrupt this perfect friendship, this friendship that just began.

You lost the other one to the world
but this one you must keep,
Please hide your feelings and all your love;
her happiness you for seek.

And when you’re with her just play pretend
for fear she might find out,
Of all the feelings you have for her
and felt for her no doubt.

Maintain control, don’t let her know
but continue to be her friend,
Just remember you made that mistake before
so please don’t make it again.

© JustAnotherInkling🎨